Pasta-Making Classes

at Tortello

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays  6:30 - 9:30pm

$125 per person

During this highly intimate hands-on class in our pasta-making window, Tortello’s professionally trained Head Sfoglina (pasta maker) Alex Mulgrove teaches a maximum of four participants the art of handmade pasta -- from creating their own volcano of dough, to hand rolling it, to the shaping of 4 different forms.  


Following the hands-on portion of the evening, class members will enjoy a 3 course family-style meal presented by our Chef, giving participants the opportunity to experience the spirit of true Italian hospitality.  This event is ages 21+.

Pasta-Making Classes

for Kids, Adults, and Masters 

at TimeOut Market Chicago

Wednesdays, Sundays

Times and prices vary

Tortello has partnered with TimeOut Market Chicago to bring our handmade pasta classes to the West Loop.  Set in the upstairs demo kitchen overlooking all the action, we offer three different types of classes, each followed by a meal.  

Kids classes - for kids 4+ (and accompanied by an adult) monthly on Sunday mornings

Adult classes - Can accommodate parties of 1 to10    Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm

Master classes - advanced techniques that go deep into Sardinian tradition, Sunday afternoons at 3pm

Pasta of Italy:

An Interactive Tour

at TimeOut Market Chicago

Last Thursdays of the month

$125 per person

This interactive monthly dinner series uncovers the unique pasta and wine traditions of four different regions in Italy. Tortello owner and pasta aficionado Dario Monni invites guests on a tour of the country each month, taking a closer look at the nuanced cuisines these communities have developed over the decades.  Starting north to south, we will travel from Veneto to Emilia-Romagna to Abruzzo to Sardinia.


February: Up first is Veneto, where you’ll dive into the history behind dishes like gnocchi, risotto and bigoli con salsa. Wine pairings included. 






Interior Photos: Max Kilibarda. 

Food Photos: Matthew Gilson

People Photos: John Khuu

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