Our much-requested private pasta making classes are taking a mini break while Head Sfoglina Alex Mulgrove welcomes her son into the world!  We expect to be back with classes in the fall. 


During these highly intimate hands-on class in our pasta-making window, Alex teaches a small group of 4-5 people the art of handmade pasta -- from creating your own volcano of dough, to shaping 4 different forms.  You'll learn about the origins and various techniques, and go home with a box full of your hard work.  

Following the hands-on portion of the evening, you'll  enjoy a generous family-style meal, giving participants the opportunity to experience the spirit of true Italian hospitality at the best seats in the house, our pasta counter.  You'll indulge in dishes from Tortello’s rotating menu of fresh pasta such as tortelli di burrata and chiusoni alla gallurese, along with a selection of seasonal verdure (vegetables) and dessert.  Guests will receive a welcome glass of prosecco along with a bottle of our house wine for the group.  

Due to the small intimate space of our pasta window in a post-covid world, we require a full buyout of the class for a single group of 4 people for $490, with an option to add a 5th person.  We are unable to do partial bookings at this time.  

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If you ever want to experience the heart of Italy, find yourself a local sagra -- a no-frills small-town festival with folk music, dancing and of course - food!  We usually host 2-3 sagras throughout the year.  Chef Annie creates a multi-course menu centered around different agricultural ingredients for each sagra.   Our sagras are feasts of food, wine, live music and a taste of the classic community-building festivals of rural Italy.   

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